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Thanks BB and Graham.

What I'm really after is how Hanratty described the whole scenario of asking for those directions. Did he mention asking in a sweet shop? Did he mention Liverpool's Tarleton St in so many words when including this detail in his alibi? If so, why is there a question mark over whether he asked for Tarleton St/Rd/Carlton St/Rd or just something that may have sounded like it to the sweet shop lady, who was apparently taking so little notice? If not, how could anyone have confirmed what he asked for, if he couldn't even remember himself where he needed to go?

I agree entirely about the accent being a problem. People want it both ways: unfair if his recognisably Cockney accent set him up on the id parade; unfair if it was so unrecognisably Cockney that a Scouser took it as Welsh or Scottish.

It was bad enough showing just the one photo to Mrs Dinwoodie (I don't think it would be admissible today) but if she could already have seen a single photo of JH in the media it could have been a classic case of getting two occasions mixed up: recognising JH from a very recent media picture and honestly thinking she was recognising the man who, some time previously, had come into her shop. There's no going back if something like this could have happened and it's a very common problem with eye witness testimony.

Another reason why Hanratty should have mentioned it much sooner if he really went on to Rhyl that night and needed someone he saw there - just one would have done - to be able to confirm it before the media circus got going.


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