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Default Help with prison records

I came across a chap called Benjamin Eve born 18 October 1845 in Kensal Green . His Mother died when he was 9 and his father remarried .

In 1861 Benjamin is living at 1 New Gloster Street in Shoreditch with his Father ; Benjamins occupation is ' Apprentice to a locksmith ' [ MJK door was locked and the Police did not understand how the killer locked it from inside ]

In 1865 he joined The Royal Navy ; on Naval Records it states that Benjamin is 5 ft 5 and 1/2 inches , he has brown hair , dark skin , with hazel eyes and has a scar on his right arm .

In January 1866 Benjamin was based in HMS Excellent in Portsmouth as an Armourer ; it seems that he went on a drinking spree with his friend and ended up going home with an older woman called Caroline . He raped her and beat her to death ; he also left her body with her skirts pulled up and on full view to whoever found her ! Her legs and arms were in a crooked form ??? At her feet was a counterfeit coin and two earrings which it seems had been ripped from her lobes - yet he did not take them . Under her right arm was her bonnet , she must have been removing her hat as she entered her home when Benjamin commenced his attack .
The newspaper reporters were surprised that such a a young man - he was 20 years old , had committed this crime and remarked what a ' docile ' appearance he had !

He was found guilty of Manslaughter and was given a 7 year sentence ; in 1871 census he is found in Parkhurst Prison , Isle of Wight Hampshire .

In October 1872 he married Mary Ann Rebecca Nelson in Hoxton London . States that both he and his father are ' Engineers ' .

In 1881 his occupation is Engineer and he is living in Newington / Lambeth with his wife , no children .

In 1888 he is living with his wife [ still no children ] and they are running a confectionary shop at 179 Mare Street Hackney .

Hackney and Kingsland Gazette dated Wednesday 18 July 1888
Headline " Well Deserved Punsishment " .
Benjamin Eve is convicted for behaving indecently towards women of Hackney and given three months hard labour [ I found this info from the newspaper but could not find it on the The England and Wales Criminal Registers 1791 - 1892 ] .
Benjamin did state that he had an alibi but the magistrate said he considered the case proved .
I really could do with help in finding out whether Benjamin Eve served that three month sentence and the date he was released .

Lets not forget Benjamin was a confectioner and Lucky Liz Stride had a box of Cachou [ sweets ]

In 1908 Benjamin is in Highgate Police Court and is charged with cruelty to a horse , he is fined and says to his daughter [ he has no children ] " Pay the money dear " .

In 1911 census Benjamin and his long suffering wife were still at 179 Mare Street Hackney and it states that Mary Ann had no children in 38 years of marriage .

Benjamin dies 6th June 1914 and was buried in Newham Cemetery which incidentally is where 3 of Jacks Victims are buried .

Can anyone help with how I find out whether Benjamin Eve actually went to Prison for those 3 months ? Or did they get time off for good behaviour ?
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