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Originally Posted by Defective Detective View Post
"Well you see I've kept my word, and done for the one I said I would.

I suppose you took notice of what I said.

These other letters were not written by me at all and has some one been kind enough to give me the name of "Jack The Ripper". I'll accept it and act up to it. Look out for the next.

P.S. You can't trace me by this writing so its no use on the police stations"

Okay, here's a question: if this letter writer had never before written a letter, when did he say he'd do "for the one"? What did he say that we were to take notice of?

This letter obliquely suggests another communication of some kind in its first lines, or so it reads to me, and yet denies having made any previous communication just a few sentences later.
Other than the clear contradiction (which Caligo provided a reasonable explanation for) the thing that stands out most to me is the writer's admission they did not come up with the nickname. Not that it's really evidence of anything, but i suspect a lot of the hoax letters were either signed or included "Jack The Ripper" explicitly. That said it's probably just a person who was a bit more clever than the average hoax writer at the time.

There's no reason I've seen yet to suggest that any of the letters were genuine but it would be quite something if any of them were ever proven to be. It would be the only piece of evidence that would be certain to have been in the Ripper's possession and of course more importantly provide a sample of his hand writing.
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