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Originally Posted by Pcdunn View Post
I know some folks aren't very happy with the later "Ripper Street" series, but I just finished Series 5, and was very impressed with it overall-- especially the final episode, titled "Occurrence Reports". I recommend it to all members and visitors to this site, as it includes Reid's flashbacks to working the MJK murder, as well as more contemporary arguments with Abberline over the suspect Chapman.

I was very touched when Reid, hearing a woman at a musical revue begin singing "T'was only a Violet picked from my Mother's Grave", creates a scene objecting to the song because it was Mary Jane Kelly's song from the night she died! He felt it showed no respect, but a member of the theater company tells him that is exactly why they sing it.

Nice, very nice.
Thanks for the post! I'm currently on Season 3, so I have a lot to look forward to.
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