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Originally Posted by DarkPassenger View Post
The Hunting Angle

This is the "source" thread if you will.


So now there is a VERY credible argument which ties in with the "wildlife" angle I suggested, and that is related to duck and wildfowl shooting? Having read just page one I think there's one hell of an argument to suggest the wildlife link could indeed be that his familiarity with dump sites is due to his involvement in wildfowl and bird hunting. I said before he might have a solitary hobby which is seasonal and involves wildlife - this pretty much nails it.

So what if the killer is indeed a wildfowl hunter - and therefore, the websleuths people argue, possibly a member of the South Shore Wildfowlers Association - and that explains this wildlife link?

Now all we need to do is explain his seasonality.
Very interesting, no doubt about it. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

The link between that club and a town just 35 miles from Atlantic City the same year as the deaths occurred there is very suggestive, isn't it?

The seasonality is of the women who have been found -- not necessarily his only victims, right?

And the women went missing from Memorial Day to Labor Day, or apparently when there is no hunting. ?Maybe because of breeding season?? So they were dumped in an area where the hunters would not be out and about. Would that be how it worked?

Maybe the hunting was killing enough for him during season, then when he could not hunt, he killed women. Is that possible?

Not sure that makes sense.

And not sure why he appears to have killed just during the summer months.

Again, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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