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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Hi DP and curious
Thanks for all the info-truly interesting and bizarre case.

Why do the authorities/and you think the killer is wealthy? Just because the women charge alot and/or he tells them he can pay them alot does not mean he actuallly has the money right? They are murdered so they never get the money and/or he takes it back. Am I missing something here?

Also, Re the seasonal worker: Teachers and school administrators/staff are off summers and many spend there free summers at the beach.

Also, i think it may be wise to follow the burlap bag clue. Its not a common type material/bag. I know nurseries (trees/plants/flower shops) and therefore also Landscaping businesses use burlap sacks.

Perhaps this guy works at a school in NY/NJ area in the non summer months and during the summer months has a place on LI where he does landscaping(also a "seasonal" job).
Hi, Abby,
Love the Landscaper angle! And an owner of some landscaping businesses -- plural might have the money.

And teachers and other seasonal workers to add to the list! great.

As for being wealthy -- One of the women actually had $900 put into her bank account, if I recall correctly.

Here it is:

On the night that Barthelemy disappeared, she had met with a client, deposited $900 in her bank account, and attempted to call an old boyfriend who did not answer his phone. She then checked her voicemail from two motels in Massepequa (a Budget Inn and a Best Western). She then left the motel for a appointment with a client. Her pimp had offered her a ride but she declined the offer. Barthelemy was never seen again."

So, there was actual money.


One week after her disappearance, Milissa’s sister, Amanda Barthelemy, began receiving a series of mocking phone calls that were placed from her missing sister’s cell phone. The first calls occurred on July 16, July 19, and July 23. The caller referred to Barthelemy as a “whore” and a horrible, nasty person. The calls were coarsely traced and deteremined to originate from midtown Manhattan in the Madison Square Garden and Times Square areas of town. Police rushed to the scene after each call but the caller kept each communication under 3 minutes so the exact location could not be pinpointed. Surveillance video of the area where the calls came from showed hundreds of people milling around, many with phones pressed to their ears. The mocking calls continued for five weeks.

Perhaps the follow up with the family -- the only time that appears to have occurred -- was his fury at losing the money????

Is that a possibility?

Which might indicate he really did not have the money to lose. Right?

Another victim was offered $1,500.

"On the night that she disappeared, Amber Costello went to meet a stranger who had seen her advertisement on Craigslist. The customer had called her several times and had offered her $1,500 for her services."

Also from the above website:
"Police also think the killer is a white male who is familiar with the South Shore of Long Island (likely a long-time resident of the area). And given the costs he was willing to pay for the escort services, they believe there is a high likelihood that the Long Island Serial Killer is an upper class citizen in a high income bracket."

However, Abby, as you pointed out, it is not likely that money has changed hands that often. Or did it?

Also, one of the early victims was a prostitute from Washington DC -- now how did that happen?

I like the burlap thought, because originally, the bodies were wrapped in plastic. However, once the killer saw he could go years and the bodies not be discovered, he switched to burlap.


perhaps he had easy access to burlap.



P.S. this post is from yesterday, Oct. 23, 2012:

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