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100 years ago - 1915 April 4 - The body of seven-year-old Margaret Ellen Nally is found in the waiting room of a London railway station. She had been so brutally raped that her vagina had actually been torn open. Her death was the result of suffocation caused when her handkerchief was jammed down her throat. A rather nondescript man had been seen at the station earlier in the day offering sweets to children. This man was never found and the murder remains unsolved.
The previous year Willie Starchfield had been found dead in a London railway station. His father John Starchfield had been charged and tried for the murder but the case against him collapsed in court and he was acquitted. John Starchfield (who had won a Carnegie pension-award for stopping a madman named Stephen Titus who had shot and killed as woman, while getting wounded in the action, a number of years before) died about three years after the trial (as a result of the wounds he got subdoing Titus). Starchfield always felt some friend or relative of Titus was responsible for the murder of Willie. Starchfield and his wife had been separated or divorced when Willie was killed, but the police (having bungled the case against Starchfield) briefly arrested Mrs. Starchfield for the killing - only to release her soon after. The Starchfield murder was never solved. Most commentators think that John Starchfield may still have been his son's murderer. But perhaps Willie was murdered by the same person who killed this young girl, Margaret Ellen Nally - although in her case there seems a definite sexual cause in the homicide.

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