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I found this article quite interesting regarding the time of Mary's death
Rigor mortis has been reported to commence, under average conditions, within three to four hours after death, and will disappear at 36-48 hours after death; however, the exact period and duration is highly variable. The onset of rigor mortis does not follow a constant or symmetrical order; however, it will typically develop in smaller muscles first - in the eyelids, face, lower jaw and neck, before moving on to the trunk and limbs. There is no measurable shortening of muscles unless the muscles have been subjected to tension prior to onset. When rigor mortis is fully developed, the joints of the body become fixed, and repositioning of the limbs is only possible by brute force - once broken, the rigor will not return, provided it is fully developed. It is traditionally accepted that rigor mortis passes off in the same sequence it developed, to secondary muscle flaccidity.The period of development is influenced by factors such as:Temperature of the environment - High temperatures both accelerates the onset of rigor mortis and shortens its duration; if the temperature is below 10C, development of rigor mortis is considered rare.Muscular activity prior to death - It has been observed that rigor mortis develops and passes quickly in an individual who died after prolonged muscular activity.Disease and unnatural death - Septicaemia and wasting diseases hasten the onset of rigor mortis; death by asphyxia tends to delay it. Similarly, death that is preceded by severe haemorrhaging causes rigor mortis to develop late
All three of the factors mentioned delaying the onset of Rigor Mortis probably happened with MJK. So the likelihood that it was delayed from its usual onset of three to four hours is highly likely.
Ps Also read this in the same article - The greater the surface area exposed, the more quickly the body will cool Think it is fair to say with MJK

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