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Originally Posted by DJA View Post
In the dark,nobody could discern buttons under gaiters from any other form of securing the boots.
Right, but as I say, he didn't need to see the buttons to recognise a button-boot style of footwear.
You didn't wear gaiters with shoes, you might wear spats, but a gaiter suggests a boot to start with, and a man's dress-boot required a gaiter. Mens boots were normally button-up. There's no mystery here.

Used to wear "Chelsea boots" in the 1960s. All were zip ups.

Currently have an English pair which are pull ons.

Out of several pairs,only one pair had Cuban heels. Hand made in Collingwood.

Curiously,Queen Victoria popularised J.Sparkes-Hall's Patent Elastic Ankle Boots.
Sounds familiar - one of the reason's I have so much foot trouble these days, spending too many years in boots like that.
I did have zipper type's too, but the zipper could be seen below the hem of the pants.
Regards, Jon S.
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