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Originally Posted by Pcdunn View Post
^^ "The Abominable Bride" not "Wife", Mayerling. Yes, I also thought there was an echo of Holmes' mysterious cases, which, he told Watson, "the world is not yet ready for", lol.

"The Giant Rat of Sumatra" was referred to in a old "Doctor Who" episode called "The Talons of Weng-Chiang." But I have always liked "the curious story of James Pellimore, who stepped back into his house for his umbrella one morning, and was never seen again." (Definitely a set-up for a Whovian adventure!)
Adrian Conan Doyle (the author's or "agent's" son, depending on your sense of Watson's real personality you accept) wrote a book of stories with John Dickson Carr entitled "The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes" dealing with telling some of the unwritten stories. Occasionally I think of some of these little pieces of whimsy from Sir Arthur. Like the case of "the Grovesnor Square Furniture Van" (which I imagine is parked outside a home on Grovesnor Square, quietly removing furniture, only the owners of the home did not order it to do so). There was also "the adventure of the lighthouse, the politician, and the trained cormorant" and "the adventure of the red leech, and the terrible death of Crosby the banker". Doyle was wonderful with words getting great mileage out of them with no room to spare.

Now if only one could locate the "island of Uffa" so we can find out what happened to the "Grice-Peterson Family".

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