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Thanks for your interest in my book, 'Scholes of the Yard.' I'm sorry you found it of no interest to Ripper enthusiasts but I was very careful not to promote it as such. My great grandfather was a lowly beat bobby in 1888 and played almost no part in the investigation. I added it because he was there at the time, and whether you know all there is to know about Jack the Ripper, or not, many people do not, and I added the chapter purely as an introduction to criminal London in the late 19th century.
Quote: "I have attempted, then, in some small way, to lead you through the Whitechapel Murders as they appeared to PC Scholes as he made his way through the dark and dangerous streets of ‘Jack the Ripper’s’ London as a rookie police constable. I propose no solution. For me, the Whitechapel Murders remain a source of immense interest because no-one knows who did it. The mystery is the legend."
If I may answer two questions that were proposed? Did the memoirs exist? Yes, they did. They were not published as a book and I never said they were. They were published in the World's Pictorial News in 1924. There are photographs of the cuttings on my website:
Why write the book? I have a more global interest in London and it's criminal past than just the Ripper murders. My grandfather met some of the most fascinating criminals that held London in its awe at the turn of the century and I wanted to bring them to life for a new audience. He met 'Jill the Ripper' aka Mrs Pearcey, and knew Milsom and Fowler, two of the last three to be hanged in Britain's last triple execution. He was involved in the Camden Town Murder (with echoes of Jack the Ripper even now) and was the policeman who boarded the SS Morea in 1923 and seized love letters written by Edith Thompson to her lover Freddie Bywaters which sent them both to the gallows. I have proposed a solution to the Camden Town murder and question the legitimacy of the hanging of Mrs Thompson, which I regard as the greatest miscarriage of justice of the 20th century.
If you wish to read the Ripper chapter without buying my book please go here
Kind regards, GS Burroughs
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