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Default In Memory Of Elisabeth Gustasdottir Stride

I donít suppose Iíve got long now. The blade went through me so quick. It
felt so cold against my neck. I wonder if the others felt it so cold when he
cut them.
Why didnít that man help me? I saw him looking but he walked away, so did
the other one. They just walked away. But thatís our lot round here.
I never thought heíd get me though, not really. My name will be in all the newspapers
But I wonít be here to read it. Thatís all theyíll see me as one of his victims, another
ďfallen womanĒ. Theyíll say I was stupid to go out on the streets but they donít understand
we have to do what we can for money.
This isnít how I imagined dying. Always thought it would be quick. I feel like Iíve
been laying here for hours. Iím cold I bet theyíve a warm fire inside the club. Theyíll
get a right shock when they find me here. If only somebody would come out
maybe at least they could get me a blanket. They could go for a doctor but I know
Itís too late. It must be that knife went so deep donít think even the Queens doctor
could put me back together. I donít want to go alone, donít want his to be the last face I remember.
I thought I could judge them better than that. He seemed so quiet at first then such
anger. What did I ever do to him?He was leaning over me
waving that knife then his face went so white, he ran so fast.
Why wonít somebody come out of the club? I think my time is coming soon. I canít feel
my arms or legs anymore. Itís strange I feel so calm now, peaceful like. I think, yes I can see a light, a bright white light somebody must be coming, maybe theyíll bring me a blanket
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