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Originally Posted by Bridewell View Post
While ever we put fuel on the fire it will continue to burn.
I think you're being way too rational and too idealistic, Bridewell. We are humans, and this is the internet. There is a certain grim pleasure to be had from seeing what arrant nonsense the charlatan has posted now. There is also a sliver of satisfaction in seeing an arrogant buffoon put firmly in his place. There will never come a day when Pierre's posts are wholly ignored and he goes away.

I admire the indefatigable way his nemesis David counters and demolishes Pierre's every attempt to manure the boards with his shoddy evidence and analysis. Thanks to David and others there is little chance that a newcomer might be taken-in by the joker and his games.

Pierre is never going to be ignored and go away. He is going to waste time and energy with his infantile games until he is prevented from doing so. In my opinion he really should long ago have been prevented from doing so.
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