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Originally Posted by moste View Post
“Precisely how the police made the crucial link between 'Ryan' and 'Hanratty' has never been revealed. “

So you wouldn’t place any credibility on people saying ‘the police would have seen Mrs. Hanrattys flowers and asked about them,’possibly noting the attached card?
I would place a lot of credibility on them!

The police weren’t looking for someone who used the name Ryan called Hanratty, they were looking for someone who used the name Ryan at the Vienna Hotel. That is the link that has to be established. As mentioned before, I do not think this link was provided by France.

France testified that he knew Hanratty as Ryan – he may not have known his real name. Even if he did, why would he think the police would be interested in the postcard? If the police really did not start looking for Ryan until Alphon was cleared, what prompted France? And what was his purpose – to help the police locate Ryan? On 29th September Acott & Oxford went to Ireland in hot pursuit, unaware Hanratty had returned three weeks earlier - but France knew.
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