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Hello Tempus omnia revelat

As I noted earlier in your other thread, the supposed "F" on the mutilated left forearm of the victim has been noticed before on these boards.

As for the "M" that you are finding, it seems as if you are finding that amid the bedclothes or clothing of the murdered woman in the photograph, which of course depends on an observer looking at the photograph and the light and shadow that is playing on the scene. But the killer could not have known that the corpse and the murder scene would be photographed. In fact, there was a good bet that it wouldn't be photographed since it hadn't happened in the preceding four canonical murders in the Whitechapel murders series. The same thing would not likely have been seen by someone in the room looking at the murder scene.

So your observation is likely to be valueless. Even the apparent "F" on the skinned forearm may not be what it seems to be in the photograph if one were to examine the whole arm and see how the missing skin might have gone round the arm. That is, the "F" might be just an artifact of us all looking at the same photograph. Unfortunately for your theory, your ideas are in the same league as people supposedly finding clues in Walter Sickert's paintings or anagrams in Lewis Carroll's post-1888 writings. Wishful thinking.

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