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Originally Posted by Pcdunn View Post
Burke Ramsey may sue CBS for television documentary, court says.
Burke is everyone's favourite for JBR's death, with the parents covering it up, but I'm not convinced this was an inside job. Burke striking JBR in a petulant rage, that I can see. However, what comes after that: the brutal garroting and signs of penetration, this isn't the behaviour you would associate with a prepubescent boy. And I can't see the parents staging such a crime scene to cover up their daughter's death. Pretending she fell down the stairs or slipped in the bath? Sure. Yes, there are rare cases of children committing sick crimes (Jamie Bulger's killers, Mary Bell etc.) But psychopathic children like that are a law unto themselves. They have undeveloped self-control and are easily caught. But Burke Ramsey never cracked under questioning from the police or the grand jury, and was returned to school by his complicit parents not long after JBR's death. He has also since gone to live a relatively normal life without incident.

The problem, however, is the ransom note. It stinks to high heaven of Patsy Ramsey's penmanship. Either Patsy wrote it, in which case, she must have been covering for someone, or it was written by an intruder with some kind of developmental issue. Because what kind of intruder writes practice notes before rambling on for 2 pages? So, the nature of the murder suggests an intruder rather than a family member, but ironically the ransom note incriminates the family.

Forget about William Herbert Wallace (he did it), this is the true unsolvable case.
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