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Default Solicitation methods

Hi everyone. Just had a thought. Since there were so many prostitutes working in the East End, there are a few questions I had always wondered about the way they conducted themselves. SOme of the questions I had were:

1. What were some ways they would go about attracting a client?
2. Did they ever wear anything (like an article of clothing) a certain way that served as a sort of "signal" to any men that they were prostitutes?
3. What would you say were their "peak" hours, when they would get the potential to attract the mosy business?
4.How would they approach a client? Say something like "Hello, gent, Looking for some company?" or be more direct and say "Oi! For a few shillings, I'll <insert sexual request here>
4.Was the most common sexual favor that was done? A "quickie" vaginal intercourse or oral sex or even other requests?
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