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Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
Hi Wickerman,

I donīt know what to make of this (excerpt from the article in your reference):

"The evidence given by Dr. Phillips on 18 Sept. at the Hanbury-street inquest is incontrovertible proof that Annie Chapman was partially strangled before her throat was cut. When Dr. Phillips was called to see the body he found that

between the front teeth, but not beyond the lips. The face was swollen, the finger-nails and lips were turgid, and in the brain, on the head being opened, he found the membranes opaque and the veins and tissues loaded with black blood. All these appearances are the ordinary signs of suffocation."

Is this something I can belive in?

I would expect so, there is no reason to not believe it.
Some of what is written in that paragraph is a direct quote from inquest testimony published on Sept. 14th.
The mention of "18 Sept" in that paragraph is a misprint for 13th Sept.
Regards, Jon S.
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