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Originally Posted by miss marple View Post
I have been looking at Brothels in Cardiff.The city seems to have been a hotbed of vice, drunkeness, disorderly conduct etc and a large Irish population. Bute St was quite notorious.

I was going to list various brothels, but I am focussing on one in particular, which got me quite intrigued, another strange coincidence in the saga of Mary Kelly.
One of the Census entries about Welsh Mary's was the family at 19 Homfrey St Cardiff.1881 Father John Kelly 55 gen labourer mother Margaret 57 both born Ireland. Helen daug 24, John 19 son and boarders. Mary Ann Kelly age 16 no occupation? is living with them.
On December 8th 1883 Mary Davies, a woman, well known to the police was charged with keeping a house of ill fame at 1 Homfray St. She lived in a house opposite where she keep a close eye on the brothel. She was described by the police as a very acute woman. The whole one of one side of Homfrey st were brothels. Davies was sentenced to six months with hard labour.
Coincidence or what? Is this part of the fabric by which MK weaves her backstory?

Miss Marple
Hi Miss Marple,

This one was born in Cardiff, though. The family were at are at the same address in 1871, and Mary is again shown as being born in Cardiff, although her age is given as 4. The father is a coal ????. Also at no. 19 is a family named Flynn. The head, Timothy is employed at an iron works and two doors away is a family named McCarthy Coincidences? I would have thought so.

In 1885 a woman named Mary Barnett was convicted of running a brothel in Davis Street, Cardiff.

More coincidences than you can shake a stick at.

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