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Originally Posted by sdreid View Post
We don't know for sure how much attention Close was paying or how well he saw "her". Some of Close's testimony seemed to be what he thought but didn't exactly know. If it was Julia and Wallace did it then that was about the last minute of her life.
But he SPOKE to Julia whom he had known her for nearly two years. This makes any impersonation/misidentification theory implausible, surely?

Close's testimony WAS poor, but this only undermines the police's case for the timing. Close originally said he delivered milk at 6:45pm and then changed this to 6:31pm at the trial, and appeared very uncertain about this revised time when cross-examined. But if he delivered milk at the later time, everyone agrees Wallace did not have time to commit the crime (he had three minutes to kill, wash, dress, tidy up, stage robbery, deal with the murder weapon)
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