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Originally Posted by sdreid View Post
When I knew less about the case and since one witness claimed to have seen him talking to a man shortly before he returned home, I thought maybe Wallace hired Parry to do it.
And now you know more, you believe it was Wallace, but how does this fit in with the Lily Hall evidence you mention above?

“As a mental exercise,” said noted crime writer Edgar Lustgarten, “as a challenge to one’s powers of deduction and analysis, the Wallace murder is in a class by itself.”

He is surely correct. So here is my challenge to the Commissioners, Inspectors and everyone else on this site. I believe I place all the key evidence before the Cold Case Jury in my book. Where does the known evidence lead?

I'd love to know your views, and you can compare it to my own (which I give in the online Postscript).
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