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Originally Posted by StevenOwl View Post
Nobody is suggesting that the University visit happened on March 9th, merely that the Diary was found that day, Barrett got wind of it in the Saddle (probably around lunchtime), and then (under the guise of Mr Williams) made his call to Doreen Montgomery before he'd actually got his hands on it. Subsequently, some electricians took something to the Uni for inspection which may or may not have been the Diary. All we know for sure here is that said journal was in Barrett's possession by the time of his first visit to the offices of Rupert Crew on April 13th.

I've actually just checked The Inside Story and it states that Barrett's second call to Doreen was the following day, March 10th, and during that call he related how the discovery of Diary had affected his life and that, following some initial research, he was sure it was genuine. I must say, I really can't buy the story of the Diary coming out of Battlecrease on March 9th.
1) Who has verified the time of the diary's discovery as being in the morning? Surely if Barrett found out at lunchtime, then the diary was discovered in the morning, so where's the evidence?

2) How did Rigby make contact to a friend and have them seek out Barrett?

3) For what reason would a supposed "simpleton" like Barrett be sought out in this regard?

4) Why is the university story so utterly vague and secretive?

None of the timeline adds up, unless we make allowances by making up details, such as the diary being found in the morning, allowing time for Rigby to presumably walk around to the phone-box(?) and call his mate, with the mate suddenly deciding to contact a simple bloke from his local boozer.

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