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Originally Posted by Sam Flynn View Post
I'm not sure about thoroughness, but he could have been more relevant. Few of those references deal with bone-black being an arsenic antidote, and all of the references are very old. There are a number of other issues I might point out with the snippets David posted, but frankly I can't be bothered.

I might have pointed these out earlier had I read his post more carefully, but all I saw was an avalanche of words, apparently designed to beat me into submission, humiliate me and/or shut me up. This is a tactic I've often seen used elsewhere, but I wasn't expecting it here.

You live and learn.
Hi Gareth,

I wasnt applauding anything that i saw as a humiliation i just couldnt help smiling at David’s ....well thoroughness when he gives an answer. I just wouldnt have the committment to go to those lengths.

If and i suppose its only an ‘if’ bone back was used as an antidote then its surely either remarkable thoroughness on behalf of a forger or extreme luck in selecting a diary/photograph album with bone black in evidence? If its not...well its irrelevant. Where there any other uses for it, say in households?


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