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Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
Robert Napper was a serial rapist and murderer who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. After stabbing Rachel Nickell to death on Wimbledon Common, in front of her own son, he didn't flee the crime-scene like a raving lunatic, he calmly walked away and disappeared into the crowd. Now, I can't say what the hell the guy was thinking. I don't know if the voices in his head told him that he was untouchable, or despite his schizophrenia he still had the presence of mind not to draw attention to himself, either way he managed to slip away without anyone noticing him. It was only forensics that tripped him up in the end.
It is clearly a possibility that the killer was so mentally unstable that he simply gave no consideration to the possibility of being caught, but if Kosminski genuinely believed that he knew the movement of people who might be in a position to capture him, then I think that Dr Houchin's statement needs to be looked at in anew light.
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