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Originally Posted by Henry Flower View Post
I am nothing if not a gentleman, Caz. I also recognize the futility of all this.
May I just stop you there then?

Thanks, Henry.

It is indeed futile to discuss anything with people who invent absurd scenarios just so they can knock them down, such as the floorboards coming up 'about 50 seconds' before Mike phoned London. I thought you were better than that, Henry. Seems I was mistaken. Why would anyone do this, unless what has been suggested is not nearly absurd enough for comfort? If the floorboards need to be up first thing that morning, say by 8.30, before the wiring job can even begin, and Mike could be calling London when he gets home after collecting his daughter from primary school, which would be around 3.30, there would be seven hours between the two events. You can bet your arse that your 50 second scenario is 'not only unconvincing but actually counterproductive'. It's also unworthy of a gentleman and pretty unscholarly.

Question for the weekend:

How many electricians does it take to lift a floorboard? One? Two?

Presumably the same as the number of hoaxers it would take.


"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." Peter Ustinov

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