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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
Thanks Shaggy and Errata

do you know what specific internal organs he ate and what other internal organs he kept/took away?

I knew he mutilated the corpses and cut into them , but I didn't know he was cannablizing or taking away other internal organs.

didn't he also target both men and women and children of both sexes?
Abby- I'm not sure if it was a specific part he took, most of what I've read just says "sexual organs". He often took hearts, lungs, eyes, tongues and noses. There were at least two victims he disemboweled and took everything.
He did target women and children of both sexes. With boys he would remove their genitals to make them more feminine- at least that's the theory, not sure if that was ever confirmed. Off hand I don't remember if he took those with him, I assume he did.
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