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Hey there. Brief explanation. No one is hacking. Security certificates are used primarily for businesses that have a financial component or take credit card information or in some other way collect sensitive data from you. Casebook itself does not take any sensitive information from you, so we do not have a security certificate. We do accept pay pal donations, but that goes through paypal site, not through ours. If your browser is set to check security cerrtificates you will get a warning because we don't have one as we don't need one. If you ever came to Casebook and you somehow got redirected to a site that was asking you to put in your credit card information to post on the boards, I would hope you would know that would be in error! No one is hacking.

Bottom line: we don't have a security certificate because we don't need one as we don't deal with any financial information or any other personal information about you. Our servers are locked to any non-approved IP addresses so hackers will actually have a hard time getting in to do anything. NOt impossible, but harder than the reward would make it worthwhile for what they'd get. (Unless it's JOnathan Menges, he was recently given access to upload the podcasts. I always said he was shifty...!)

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