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Originally Posted by SirJohnFalstaff View Post
little clarification.

The game takes place maybe 20 years before Jack the Ripper. There is a downloadable content, which I think is unrelated to the main story, more like a spin off, where the character is immersed in the Autumn of Terror.

So if you buy the game, you will need to purchase this extra mission on top of it if you want to see Jack. (Not sure of the cost of the add-on, might be free for some subscribers, and will probably be included if they make a Game of the Year / Greatest Hits edition.)
The DLC is probably $15-$20.

I didnt remember the date the game proper took place. I rented it from redbox and played it for about a day. It waa alright but nothing i would buy until the proce drops considerably. Im a fab of the AC series but the games have been mediocre since AC4: Black Flag.
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