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Originally Posted by ansonman View Post

France's first attack of belated conscience occurred earlier than his successful suicide attempt. Three days before the start of the trial, at which he had been listed to give evidence, he was found in a gas filled room in Holland Park. A few hours after arriving at the hospital to which he was then taken, he had to be restrained from jumping out of a high level window.

He attempted suicide twice, and tried to jump from a window to his death because he felt shame at having allowed Hanratty into the family home?

In part, yes, I think France would have felt shame to find himself associated in any way with such a horrendous crime. And he was associated, regardless of whether you think Hanratty was guilty or not, if only due to his known connections with the convicted man. There were probably other, more deeply personal factors, as there are with most suicides, so I don't buy that he took an active part in the crime, or knew who did, then framed Hanratty for it and became suicidal as a result. If he supplied the gun to Hanratty, never imagining what it would actually be used for, I can well understand how that might have played on his mind afterwards. He may have thought that by doing the right thing, and telling the police about Hanratty's hiding place, he'd feel better about himself, but the enormity of the whole thing and the final outcome evidently proved too much to bear.


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