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Originally Posted by ansonman View Post

France's first attack of belated conscience occurred earlier than his successful suicide attempt. Three days before the start of the trial, at which he had been listed to give evidence, he was found in a gas filled room in Holland Park. A few hours after arriving at the hospital to which he was then taken, he had to be restrained from jumping out of a high level window.

He attempted suicide twice, and tried to jump from a window to his death because he felt shame at having allowed Hanratty into the family home?

Hi again anson - Pure speculation on my part but, as you ask, I suspect it would be most to do with fear of the law catching up with how Hanratty obtained the gun plus an element of shame.

I do not believe that an innocent Hanratty was framed by France and so that's not a reason for the suicide attempts in my opinion. Foot's reading of France's notes do appear to support that view.

It also needs to be kept in mind that sadly there isn't always a logical cause underlying suicide.

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