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Originally Posted by etenguy View Post
It's a theory that fits the facts, and one which I find compelling, but we would need more information to be sure.

I too think Mary Kelly is an interesting victim and may well have more to tell us. I'd be interested to hear why you think she knew her killer - I haven't a view on that one way or the other.

I really struggle to understand how anyone could commit the murders he did, but find it even harder to understand how he could do that to someone he knew. But then he isn't me.
Hi eten
RE why I think Mary knew her killer.

According to the witnesses, Mary was in the company of four men that night: Barnett, blotchy, hutch and aman. I would venture one of these men were Mary’s killer.

Barnett- ex boyfriend
Blotchy- there behavior indicates it was more than just a first night meeting.
Hutch- knew her for several years
Aman- probably fictional but even if real, behavior similar to blotchy.

My money is on blotchy or hutch.

And even if it wasn’t one of these four men, her being murdered in her own room indicates they knew each other.
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