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Originally Posted by etenguy View Post
Hi Abby. Thanks. I think you and I have similar views with regard the GSG and Lusk letter.

My thinking is similar to yours regarding the reason for sending a letter to Lusk. But that is pure speculation with nothing to support it, other than it provides a plausible possibility.

I differ with you with regard to the Kelly murder. Again, pure speculation, but I think he actively sought a safer environment. But it could have simply been an accident of opportunity.
Hi eten
on second thought, maybe he did target his next victim for an indoor kill.

Ive often thought that Mary Kelly is probably the key to the case in terms of the identity of the ripper, since the evidence seems to point to her knowing her killer.

perhaps he knew her, knew she was recently single again, and with the events of the night of the double event in mind, sought her out knowing he might get her alone in her room. need to think about it a bit more.
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