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Originally Posted by c.d. View Post
I just don't see anger at the Jews in general for being interrupted that night. First of all, that assumes that the B.S. man was Stride's killer which I don't think he was. But even if he was, Schwartz's interruption didn't stop him from killing Stride. As for anger at Diemschutz for possibly interrupting the mutilation of Stride, how does Diemschutz being Jewish enter into it? Was he driving his cart in some sort of Jewish way that took it into the path of the Ripper or was it driven as part of some sort of Jewish ritual? As for Lawende and his companions, how did they interrupt the plans of the Ripper? Did they look at him in some sort of Jewish way or approach him and say hey we are Jews and we don't like the way you are looking at that woman don't you dare go on to kill her? That really seems like a stretch. And finally, if the Ripper were really filled with anger at the Jews and wanted to intimidate them why write such an ambiguous message that could also be interpreted as being pro-Jewish? And even if the message is anti-Jewish surely he could have done better than what seems like a mild rebuke.

Seems to odd a coincidence on the night of the double event where several Jewish witnesses, including one who had a heavy Jewish appearance, saw and possibly interrupted the ripper that anti Jewish graffiti just happened to be found with evidence from a crime scene and on a predominantly Jewish residence.

Just my opinion.
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