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Originally Posted by S.Brett View Post
On a side note:

One of the Harrison, Barber & Co, horse slaughterer, addresses was Tabard Street, Southwark.

There is a "Ripper" letter of 24 September 1888:

The writer of the letter claimed: I am horse slauterer and work at... Keep the Boro road clear or I might take a trip up there...

Could it be that the writer alluded to the Harrison & Barber horse slaughterer in Tabard Street, not far from Borough Road ("Boro Road")? The Nichols crime scene was close to the Harrison & Barber slaughterhouse in Winthrop Street.

@The Station Cat:

You can try to find a "Tabbard Street (Mile End Road) here:

Start with sheet 329 where the Whitechapel Road becomes the Mile End Road, and then continue with sheet 330, 331, 332, 333... above and below the Mile End Road you can see all of the streets. Use the search function above each sheet to find another sheet.

Thanks Brett, all very interesting stuff!!!
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