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Here's an updated version:

Lodging House- 18 George St., Spitalfields
- Emma Elizabeth Smith

Lodging House- 19 George St., Spitalfields (both of these lodging houses gone c 1890)
- John Sachell, landlord
- Martha Tabram (?known as Emma Turner)


(Bank Holiday) 1888 Aug 06 (Monday)/07 (Tuesday)

Mary Ann Connelly "Pearly Poll" (one newspaper gives "Mog", a nickname for Margaret) (35)- lived at Crossingham's LH on Dorset St (for only previous 2 days)
- MAC's cousin: Mrs. Shean (4 Fuller's Court, Drury Lane)

2 soldiers- a corporal & a private

Two Brewers Pub (154 Brick Lane)- met c 10 pm

White Swann (Whitechapel Road)- 11-11:45 pm
- (sister-in-law) Ann Morris- saw Martha c 7 or 8 pm

Whitechapel High St.- running from Commercial St. to Osborn St. (west to east):

(corner- #2 Commercial St)

x (un-numbered on map)



x (Tewkesbury Buildings)






x (Spread Eagle Yard)

94- Red Lion & Stread Eagle Pub




x- entrance to a court


89- The White Hart Pub

George Yard (renamed Gunthorpe St. in 1912 Oct)- runs from Whitechapel High St. north to Wentworth St. (entered by archway) [there was also a George Yard in Cable St. (Louis Diemschutz stabled his pony there)]
(West side, running north):
Jacobs Yard/Smithy
(?"Black Horse AM Yard")/Smithy

(Sir George's Dwelling for Girls)- still standing [location uncertain- text only, not on map]

St. George's House (Model Dwelings)- built same time & demolished around same time as GYB (1973 Jan); Sunley House (residential block belonging to Toynbee Hall) built on site 1973 [Phil & John do not give dates on podcast (other a vague "1960s" for plans)]

George Yard Buildings (Model Dwelings, built c 1875; converted as student residences for Toynbee Hall & renamed Balliol House in 1890, sometime later renamed Charles Booth House; demolished 1973 Jan)- 4 floors, 48 rooms
- Frances Hewitt, superintendent & wife
35 George Yard Buildings
- Alfred George Crow (early 20s)- 3:30 am, saw body on landing
37 George Yard Buildings
- John Saunders Reeves (33)- 4:50 am, discovered body
- Louisa, wife (8 months pregnant)
- (4 children, 5th (Harriett Elizabeth R) born Sep 12)
47 George Yard Buildings
- Joseph Mahoney, carman, & his wife, Elizabeth (c 25 or 26), match factory in Stratford

[back of these is Commercial St.- running north to Wentworth]
- #2-12- Draper's Shop
- 14
- 16
- (gap- seems to be a court)
- 18
- 20
- 22
- 24
- St. Jude's Church
- 26- Vicarage ("Rectory")
- (Boy's XXX)
- ?28- Toynbee Hall
- Commercial St. School (now Canon Barnett Primary)- built c 1900 [location uncertain- text only, not on map]

(East side):
(uncertain in 1888- currently, premises from early 1990s) [location uncertain- text only, not on map]
- ex-council depot (probably built early 1900s) [location uncertain- text only, not on map]




85- The Angel Pub



Angel Alley (named for Angel Inn at sw corner, ran north to Wentworth St.- dates from c 1676, still exists)- Pearly Poll & corporal went down this street abt 11:45, left c 12:15
(running south from Wentworth)
west side:
- several buildings labelled City Saw Mills
- (several un-labelled buildings)
- Colour & Yarning Works
- School
east side:
- (un-numbered), 1-4 [several lodging houses; owned by Samuel Maill (1866-72), then George Wildermuth (1873-78); this northern section was re-developed in 1893, blocking off Wentworth exit]
- backs of several bildings connected with Ind. Coope & Co. Ale Stores (entrance on Osborn St.)





Whitechapel Art Gallery

[much of this from 1876 map]

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