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Default Murder Sites #1- Martha Tabram & George Yard

I've been compiling a series of notes that I use as references when I need to check things & I don't have my sources handy. This is the result of mixing information from my quite limited resources. I thought that people might be interested in having things all together and also someone might be able to fill in info that I'm missing.

The first is the locations involved in Martha Tabram's murder:

Martha lived with Willliam Turner at 4 Star St. (Commercial Road)
-- landlady, Mrs. Mary Bousfield (son was interviewed years later)
- separated 3 weeks before murder
- he went to Victoria working men's home

Lodging House- 18 George St., Spitalfields
- Emma Elizabeth Smith

Lodging House- 19 George St., Spitalfields (both of these lodging houses gone c 1890)
- John Sachell, landlord
- Martha Tabram (?known as Emma Turner)


(Bank Holiday) 1888 Aug 06 (Monday)/07 (Tuesday)

Mary Ann Connelly "Pearly Poll" (one newspaper gives "Mog", a nickname for Margaret) (35)- lived at Crossingham's LH on Dorset St (for only previous 2 days)
- MAC's cousin: Mrs. Shean (4 Fuller's Court, Drury Lane)

2 soldiers- a corporal & a private

Two Brewers Pub (154 Brick Lane)- met c 10 pm

White Swann (Whitechapel Road)- 11-11:45 pm
- (sister-in-law) Ann Morris- saw Martha c 7 or 8 pm

Whitechapel High St.- running from Commercial St. to Osborn St. (west to east):

The White Hart pub (un-numbered on map- ?#89)

George Yard (renamed Gunthorpe St. by 1899)- runs from Whitechapel High St. north to Wentworth St. (entered by archway)

George Yard Buildings (Model Dwelings, built c 1875; renamed Balliol House in 1890, demolished in 1973 Jan)
- Frances Hewitt, superintendent & wife

35 George Yard Buildings
- Alfred George Crow (early 20s)- 3:30 am, saw body on landing
37 George Yard Buildings
- John Saunders Reeves (33)- 4:50 am, discovered body
- Louisa, wife (8 months pregnant)
- (4 children, 5th (Harriett Elizabeth R) born Sep 12)
47 George Yard Buildings
- Joseph Mahoney (carman) & his wife, Elizabeth (c 25 or 26, match factory in Stratford)

St. George's House- built at same time & demolished around same time (c 1973 Jan) [Phil & John do not give dates (other a vague "1960s" for plans)]






84 (There were THREE #84s on the 1889 map. One might have been 84 George Yard, and another one was 84A)

Angel Alley (ran north to Wentworth St.)- Pearly Poll & corporal went down this street about 11:45 pm, left c 12:15



Whitechapel Art Gallery


- PC Thomas Barrett (226H) (B c 1857; Sherborne, Dorset- retired 1908)- saw soldier c 2 am- 1st responder at murder site
- Dr. Timothy Robert Killeen (Keleene) (lived at 68 Brick Lane)


(sorry if the layout is difficult, I had to transfer from my notes)

Questions I have include:
- Where was George STREET in relation to this area?
- The map that I found showed George Yard (& Angel Alley), but gave no indication WHERE on the street George Yard Buildings or St. George's House were.
- Where was the White Swann pub?
- Do we know how many rooms George Yard Buildings had?
- was the term "model buildings" an alternative name for GYB/SGH specifically, or was it a generic term for the type of buildings, or the construction style/company/whatever?

Thanks for any help
- CF Leon
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