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Originally Posted by Simon Wood View Post
Any textual differences are down to sub-editors on the various newspapers.

See The Pall Mall Gazette and St. James' Gazette introductions. Both said the same thing, the latter adding the "of a news agency" detail.

As to differences of detail in the reporting of GH's story—

Attachment 18706
As mentioned earlier,Astrakhan Man bore similarities to Lord Randolph Churchill who was 39 at the time.

Apart from he and his son's like of Astrakhan trimmed coats,Randolph was Chancellor of the Exchequer two years earlier.
The package carried could be a reference to the Budget Box.
That office is sometimes confused with Lord Chancellor,custodian of the Great Seal of the Realm.

L'Abbesse de Jouarre was one of his racehorses and won the 1889 Epsom Oaks at 20/1. Co owner was the Earl of Dunraven. She won three races during the 1888 season.
The breeder,James Snarry,was the son of Sir Tatton Syke's stud groom.

Churchill was rumored to have syphilis.

Already dealt with a next door neighbor in Brook Street.

William Crossingham of Romford has already been mentioned.
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