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Hi All,

Has anyone yet demonstrated that Mrs. Kennedy was, in fact, Sarah Lewis, the woman who experienced an uncannily similar experience on Bethnal Green Road, and who, previously unannounced, appeared at the inquest in her stead?


Hi Simon

The evening news on the 10th asserted that she had been interviewed by a member of the press association .This type of statement , it was put to me on these boards , was proof of existence of George Hutchinson so by such statements then all we can say with any degree of certainty is that she was as real as curious George 😊

A representative of the Press Association has interviewed a woman named Kennedy, who was on the night of the murder staying with her parents at a house situate in the court immediately opposite the room in which the body of Mary Kelly was found. This woman's statement, if true - and there is very little reason for doubting its veracity - establishes the time at which the murderer commenced his operations. She states that about three o'clock on Friday morning she entered Dorset street on her way to her parents' house, which is immediately opposite that in which the murder was committed. She noticed three persons at the corner of the street, near the Britannia public house. There was a man - a young man, respectably dressed, and with a dark moustache, talking to a woman whom she did not know, and also a female poorly clad and without any headgear. The man and woman appeared to be the worse for liquor, and she heard the man ask, "Are you coming," whereupon the woman, who appeared to be obstinate turned in an opposite direction to which the man apparently wished her to go.

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