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[quote=Kattrup;379644]The book you refer to, and the examples you give, all reference cases after WWII, with the exception of JtR.

The idea that serial killers like to insert themselves in police investigations, either by participating as a witness/bystander etc. or by communicating with the press/the police, is very prevalent in these discussions.

It is often stated as fact.

However, I would like to ask your opinion about basing a hypothesis about Jack the Ripper's behaviour on sources about the behaviour of modern serial killers.
Yes. I donīt like it. We have no such data from the relevant time period.

Your hypothesis about the possibility of a Type X serial killer might be a result of modern bias?
No. And it is a type Y. It is a result of empirical work exclusively. Data collecting and analysis. Not very exiting. No "grand theory" to start off with. Not even any serial killer "knowledge" or ripperology or knowledge about "Jack the Ripper". Just plain simple empirical source work.

Regards, Pierre
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