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Originally Posted by jmenges View Post
So, with one sweep you completely dismiss all of the circumstantial evidence that Franklin murdered possibly 11 more women during his so-called 'sleeping' period, some of said evidence was allowed to be presented during his sentencing hearing, yet believe you have enough circumstantial evidence to accuse Lech of killing all of the Ripper's victims plus the Torso murders. You're a master detective, Fish. It's a loss to humanity that you didn't choose a career in law enforcement.

How can I dismiss any evidence at all? I am not that familiar with the case. But I do know that the moniker the Grim Sleeper was given since there was a parceived gap in the killings. And I do know that other killers have had such gaps too. And - as I said - I am certain that a number of the undisclosed serialists simply stopped killing.
Whether I am a master detective or not is as written in the stars. I think I have a pretty solid case against Lechmere as well as for the two series being the work of one man only. And as far as I can tell, I am entitled to that stance.
And of course, you are entitled to scorn and laugh and make a fool of yourself over it.
Reasonably, one of us is being productive.
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