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Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
Bundy wasn't a family man who killed over a period of decades. His killing spree spanned approximately four years and he managed to get a lot done in that time before he slipped up.

Lechmerian's favourite hobbyhorse is someone like Dennis Rader. They often cite him as proof positive that family men can lead a "normal" life whilst moonlighting as a murderous psycho. Then you see that Rader murdered 10 victims (four of whom were mass-murdered) over a period of 17 years. That's how Rader was able to live this double-life, either because he had a greater degree of self-control or his impulses weren't as strong as other serial killers. Did the Ripper exhibit Rader-esque restraint? He killed half as many victims as Rader in a fraction of the time!
Hi Harry
Bundy didn't have kids but he had Normal female relationships-and definitely had a "double life".His first documented murder was in 1974, but he admitted to murders and attempted kidnappings as early as 1969 and many believe he committed his first murder of a young girl in 1961.

And yes Rader is another example of a family man killer who spans decades and can wait long periods of time in between killings. and use different MO also.

as is Ridgeway. the list goes on.

I guess I don't really understand your point then. The ripper and torso man cases are unsolved-they could have been the same man. So I'm giving you examples of serial killers who are similar if they were.

and the Chinese ripper is yet another example.
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