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Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
Bundy wasn't a family man who killed over a period of decades. His killing spree spanned approximately four years and he managed to get a lot done in that time before he slipped up.

Lechmerian's favourite hobbyhorse is someone like Dennis Rader. They often cite him as proof positive that family men can lead a "normal" life whilst moonlighting as a murderous psycho. Then you see that Rader murdered 10 victims (four of whom were mass-murdered) over a period of 17 years. That's how Rader was able to live this double-life, either because he had a greater degree of self-control or his impulses weren't as strong as other serial killers. Did the Ripper exhibit Rader-esque restraint? He killed half as many victims as Rader in a fraction of the time!
You seem still unable to take on board what I am telling you: you do not know how many victims the Ripper claimed, nor do you know over which span of years he was at work. You speak of the MacNaghten view as if it was a definitely established truth. It is not.
If the Ripper and the torso man were one and the same, then there is at least a ten year hiatus to explain. How´s that for a restraint?
Much as you dislike Rader, he nevertheless is a good example of how serial killers may refrain from killing. There are others, though, if Rader displeases you too much. One such man is the so called Grim Sleeper, who earned his nickname for lying dormant for 14 years. And there are others too.
I am not saying that your thinking does not make sense - it does, to a degree. The problem is, we do not know that degree.
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