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Originally Posted by Herlock Sholmes View Post
Surely the most obvious, and important, difference is that the ripper killed and mutilated 'there and then.' His method was to approach, engage, kill then mutilate. All part of one action. Why connect such different methods?

the MO was actually probably very similar-rusing the victim to a place where he could kill them and do what he wanted to do and get what body parts he needed.

The sig is also basically the same-post mortem mutilation and removal of body parts.

The APPARENT difference between the two series is the dismemberment and disposal. But perhaps the torso victims were ones were he had access to a private place to carry out his fantasy and the ripper victims were ones were he didn't have access to his place and had to do it on the streets.

I mean just look at the similarities:
same time frame
same victimology
same location
post mortem mutilation
abdomen targeted
use of knife
body parts removed
probable ruse used to lure victims
both ended same time
no overt attempt at hiding victims
specific similarities between Jackson, Kelly and chapman with large sections of skin flaps removed from abdomen.

and Fish has even more specific similarities.

I never even considered them related until I learned from Debra Arif that ALL the torso victims had post mortem mutilation to some extent.
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