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Originally Posted by Debra A View Post
Fisherman is using the exact same observation made by Hebbert in the source information that Mr W Egan is using. Fisherman is looking for similarities to the JTR crimes as described by Hebbert, Mr W Egan is making his own conclusions based on Hebbert's observations. If you want to make a big thing that Fisherman and Mr W Egan's conclusions based on Hebbert's observations being different and suggesting that Mr W Egan is correct and Fisherman is wrong, perhaps you should also note that Mr W Egan calls all the torso cases 'murders' throughout and believes them to be linked as a series and possibly linked to JTR and at no time does he mention that these cases are the result of failed abortions or discarded anatomical specimens.
With your posts its always someone else that gets it wrong never you.

Dr Hebbert would seem to have been a remarkable man who could write notes, at the same time as conducting a post mortem or piecing body parts together. Or write notes when he wasnt even present !

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