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BA: You had other problems I think as well didn’t you?

MB: Erm, regards?
I've previously commented on the diary's use of the isolated word "regards" (as opposed to "with regard to" or "regarding"), suggesting that it represented a sloppy use of English - which it is. However, could it also be a verbal tic of the author?

Diary examples:

"I am becoming increasingly weary of people who constantly enquire regards the state of my health"

"Will have to come to some sort of decision regards the children"

"Edwin asked regards Thomas and business"

And, from Shirley Harrison's Diary of Jack the Ripper "Mike: Page 6, 2nd paragraph, line 9 starts with an ink blot, this blot covers a mistake I made when I told Anne to write down James instead of Thomas. [Footnote: The word under the blot is not James but 'regards']"
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