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Originally Posted by Mike J. G. View Post
Yes, and as I've said, the added "e" to "post haste" implies that this was a subconscious addition due to having already written "Poste House."

Either that, or Maybrick was as thick as they come, and thought that a random "e" was just added to post in any circumstance.

People seem too willing to ignore blatant errors to lend credence to a diary that has thus fat had zero evidence in its favour, yet a lot of evidence going against it. was a spelling error that he repeated, as the evidence shows when he did it with the phrase 'post haste'. As people sometimes do. But of course, that's impossible!

It's pretty obvious that everyone who either thinks the diary is genuine or even allows of a slight possibility that it might be are all gullible idiots. Diary discussion really should be avoided! Nothing in ripperology attracts such strident bias. I should have learned my lesson and avoided this thread.
Personally, my life isn't changed one bit by the diary being genuine or not. I don't claim to be an expert in anything but I've read all the books (including the new one unlike some) and am not convinced that it has been conclusively disproven (anywhere near so.) 'Amateurish?' - no way. Mike Barrett the master forger 25 years later and it's still around. Hitler diary - 6 months.
I'll leave everyone to their comfortable certainty


"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact!"
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