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Hi David,

The LCC destroyed their portion of the records under the 15 Year Rule. They had run out of storage, and then there was a paper shortage during the war. This is documented in a file held by the LMA, which was transcribed in Ripperologist #69 ("The Sunshine and the Shadow") and is in a searchable format. If you're interested in reading it, it's free Drop me a PM if you would like me to send it or you can get the back issue by writing them.

But it's not clear what the County of Middlesex did with its portion--this probably can and should be documented. For example, all of the records of Roderick Macdonald that survive have done so because they were in the custody of the County of Middlesex.

Apologies if I'm not very coherent. I am sleep deprived
But why would documents held by the Director of Public Prosecutions have ended up with the London County Council?
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