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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
Corroboration of him wanting to get a gun is provided by Lanigan, who said he had discussed with Hanratty getting guns to do a hold up in Wembley.

Another possible conspiracy partner is the IRA, given the Republican connections with the Scotland Road area.
I believe the songstress Priscilla White, who suspiciously changed her name to Cilla Black, was also resident in the Scottie Road area and would have been able to shed considerable light on the A6 Murder if only she had been asked, which she does not seem to have been.

I believe that Black, or White if you prefer, had been married to the former England and Warwickshire quick bowler, Bob Willis, who also does not seem to have been interviewed by either Acott or Oxford.

Cilla was great chums with a popular music combo going under the style of "The Beatles". If you believe Wikipedia (which I don't ) then the Beatles were performing in Liverpool during the month of August 1961. Yet they do not seem to have had an engagement for 22nd August 1961. As they were later to sing in the little ditty Penny Lane, "Very strange."

So did Acott and/or Oxford question the Fab Three (the Fab Four minus Ringo who did not join the combo until 1962) and Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best about their involvement in the A6 job?

Apropos the Stefan Kiszko case, it was my understanding that David Waddington was Kiszko's defence counsel and therefore on his side. A chap called Roy Jenkins (Welsh by birth and considering the A6 Murder's historic connections with the Principality, a person who should have been questioned by Acott and Oxford) was the Home Secretary when Kiszko was convicted.
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