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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
Many a Public House in the late 1800's was referred to by locals as the 'Post House', as prior to the setting up of the Royal mail many of them acted as collection and drop off points for a basic postal system.
I believe the author of the 'diary' also errs on four occasions in his use of unnecessary letters 'e'. Quite simply a writers error. I can never see the big deal over this Post/e House malarkey.
No, they generally weren't, unless they actually had ties to a post office. If it were true that many were known by that nickname, we'd see evidence of those names appearing in print, which we do not.

That's also ignoring the fact that the "Poste House" in the diary is spelled in the exact same distinctive manner as the one which coincidentally resides in town, not far from where Maybrick had offices, IIRC, which at that time, didn't bear that name.

Bearing in mind that the good people at the central library aided me in searching for any pub by that name in that year, and nothing was found whatsoever. This is something even Shirley Harrison had to contend was an issue.

If you can't see the big deal about a pub being mentioned that did not exist, then you're frankly gullible, mate.
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