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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
There was a slaughter house in Winthrop Street, near the site of Polly Nichols' murder in Buck's Row. There was also one in Hanbury Street, only a few doors from no.29 (between 35 and 37).

The Star I think carries a report that mentions some slaughtermen walking through Mitre Square the night after the double event, but I can't see a yard nearby that they might have been going to or coming from....perhaps Butcher's Row?

Were there any slaughter yards close to the other sites?
Hi Joshua,

I wasn't aware that Barber's Yard in Hanbury Street was a slaughter house.

Although it had the same name as the knacker's yard in Winthrop Street, I don't believe there was any connection between the two.

William Barber took over the Winthrop Street yard from William Monk in the 1850s. Prior to that he had been one of Monk's employees. The Hanbury Street Barber's Yard was originally called Barber's Alley and was so named in the 1740s.

But of course, Harriet Hardiman's cats meat would have almost certainly been obtained from Harrison, Barber in Winthrop Street.

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